A blowout sale of New Bonneville Book!

Last weekend I spent four days at the Grand National Roadster Show signing our new Bonneville – A Century of Speed book.
We sold over 2,500 copies!
The book is fund raiser for “Save the Salt” an organization trying to stop and reverse the desecration of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Ron Main and I must have signed nearly half of them! It was an amazing response to our new fund raising book. On Sunday afternoon, at the beginning of the Show Awards we presented Save the Salt with a $40,000 check from sales of the new book. Here we have myself with Ron Main handing Russ Eyres from Save the Salt the $40,000 check.
Russ was blown away by the magnitude of the project and the resulting financial contribution. Single biggest donation to the organization ever!
Pretty amazing event! Salt Check-3 FB