Forty Short Stories to Read on a Plane – My New eBook

 I finally got to read my book on a plane!. It reads just like it does on the ground!
 Read forty short stories written to get laugh out of life!
 Look for it on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.
Amazon has a print edition too!

Hot Rod Deluxe Next Cover

Just got an advance on the cover of the next issue of Hot Rod Deluxe.

Here’s the cover with my shot of the Mark Mist GT in the top right-hand corner. Great old classic rod which was to fun shoot and very interesting rod to research and write this feature.

Read the whole thing in the upcoming November 2012 issue with “TV” Tommy Ivo on the cover.

Ry Cooder and I, Flathead

Here’s something different but totally inline with my own world of images and writings.


The Songs of Kash Buk and the Klowns

Ry Cooder

I get the feeling from studying the life of Ry Cooder that he is the musical equivalent of who Ed Iskenderian, Dean Moon and Vic Edelbrock Snr. are to the history of hot rodding. Just like these hot rod industry pioneers, he’s beaten his own path to bring exotic, interesting and sparkling elements to the heart of his business.

His I, Flathead is a walk around the world of the Fifties and Sixties, a visit with times past and characters that might pop out of your childhood. Looking back over his body of work you can see that there is a car guy hiding under all that music with tunes and the albums covers he’s released. (re:Into the Purple Valley, Mambo Sinuendo).

I, Flathead is a collection of finely crafted music – pure road music with an earthy vocals, blues, country-rock guitar, beat and keyboard. Not only is the musical talent unquestionable, Ry’s songs are a rich mix of cultural thoughts and reminiscences, blended into delightfully restrained storytelling. Tunes like Drive Like I Never Been Hurt, Can I Smoke in Here?, Little Trona Girl, Filipino Dancehall Girl and Flathead One More Time talk to the heart and throw you back to the early days hot rodding of dry lakes racing, listening to bench racing, girl chasing or drinking in slip-slap beer joints, Ry and his gang of musical magicians have again laid down another classic cut, a tri-power of tunes and tones.

Buy this CD, play it loud, drive slow and enjoy a whole lot more of your day!

Two versions are offered – one includes a short novella and the second is traditional CD package.

Release by Nonesuch Records.