Correcting Time and Acid Damage

I’ve added this third example of the restoration of an old hot rodding image to show yet another restoration that should be displayed as it was intended. In this very simple restoration, the original art work was even damaged when they went to press. On the left, you can see how it was when the client gave it to me. The paper was aged and discolored yellow/brown by acid and light deterioration. I made a high-quality scan with my Nikon D2X and then shifted it all into Photoshop though Bridge. It is retouched and restored as well as being desaturated to create the B/W image. The aim of this restoration is not to loose the sense of it being a sixties newspaper print ad but carry it cleanly to press or screen today just as the day it first appeared.

On the right you can see how it looked when the artist would have laid out in 1960 once again! – Photoshop Rules!

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